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Educational Loan

Выгодный кредит на образование
без комиссии
для любых вузов
без первоначального взноса
Выгодный образовательный кредит
без поручителей
низкая % ставка
по программам MBA
Кредит на образование за рубежом

фиксированная процентная ставка
без комиссии
без первоначального взноса
Выгодный кредит на специальное образование

на обучение в среднепрофессиональных учреждениях и центрах дополнительного образования

Rosinterbank Education Credit lets pay for education in any higher or specialized secondary school either in Russia or abroad.

Advantages of Educational Credit Programs of Rosinterbank:

  • Low percentage rate  — from 10% per annum in rubles and  9,9% in a foreign currency on the program with governmental support for outstanding students– 5,06% per annum;
  • Commissioning which increase the cost of the education credit is not stipulated.
  • Absence of the initial installment and security deposit. 
  • Education credit is granted for education in any higher or specialized secondary school.
  • Option to receive a grace credit period.
  • Credit formalization does not take too much time from you.

For students we offer some bonuses:

We decrease your interest rate for education credit in case of “good” or” excellent” academics.

  • Money transfer on credit program to any educational organizations in rubles or in foreign currency is implemented without commissioning.  
  • You may repay your credit ahead of schedule without fee sanctions.

Rosinterbank offers you several education credits.

Higher Education

Special credit to receive higher education and post graduate education.

Advantages of the Credit «Available Education»:

  • The credit is given for education any in higher education institution registered in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Rate – 9,9%;
  • Without collateral;
  • Without initial credit installment;
  • Without commissioning for credit arrangement and the other additional commissions on the credit;
  • Option to receive a grace credit period;
  • Option to pay education by semesters;
  • Decrease of the interest rate for  1% for «excellent» academics and for  0,5% for “good” completions of the examination session;
  • Ahead of time credit repayment without sanctions fees.  

Business Education

Education credit on business programs MBA with interest rate from 9,9% per annum in a foreign currency.  

Advantages of the Credit «Business-education»:

  • Without a preliminary installment and commissions on the credit;
  • To 1 million rubles, 66 000 USD, 50 000 EUR/GBP for the term of 6 years;
  • Flexible payment system – by modules, by semesters;
  • Without collateral and guarantors;
  • Option to receive grace credit period to pay the main debt;
  • Commissioning absence for a cashless transfer of money to the higher education institution either in rubles or foreign currency.  

Foreign Education

Credit for education in foreign higher education institutions is granted in currency and available for everyone who wishes to receive education abroad, it gives an opportunity to use grace credit period up to 1 year.  

Advantages of the Credit «Education Abroad»:

  • Option to receive credit for education in any country of the world *;
  • Sum of the credit to  66 000 USD/ 50 000 EUR/GBP;
  • Interest rates from 9,9% per annum;
  • Term to 6 years;
  • Without initial installment;
  • Without collateral;
  • Option to receive grace credit period on repayment of the main debt;
  • Option to pay for education by semesters;
  • Without commissioning for arrangement of the credit and the other additional commissions;
  • No commission for a cashless transfer of money to the educational institution;
  • Option of an ahead of time repayment of the credit without fee sanctions.

Special Education

Credit to receive special education in secondary technical schools, educational centers of the additional professional education, training centers and business schools.

Advantages of the Credit «Special Education»:

  • Is given to receive any additional or professional education in any educational institution registered in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad **;
  • Low interest rate  – from 11% in rubles and from 9,9% in foreign currency;
  • Without collateral;
  • Without initial installment;
  • No commissioning for arrangement of the credit and the other additional grace period of credit;  
  • Cashless transfer of money to educational institution in rubles or foreign currency  - without commissioning;  
  • Ahead of time repayment of the credit without fee sanctions.

* or letter-invitation  (for foreign educational institutions) with indication of payment order, requisites, title of the faculty or program and information on a successful enrollment of the client to the higher education institution. It is given by the Borrower after a positive decision.   

** Educational institution of the Russian Federation shall have a state license for educational activities. Foreign educational institution shall be present in the international rating Top 300.

Credit amount - to 1 million rubles.  Maximal sum depends on the chosen direction and may cover education either fully or partially.  All educational credit programs are purposeful, money is given in a cashless form.

On September 14th, 2012 there was signed an Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and JSC KB Rosinterbank which confirms its official Bank's status – participant of the “Experiment on State Support of Education Credits to the Student of Educational Institutions of the Higher Professional Education”. In May 2012 JSC KB Rosinterbank became the award winner of the VIII Award «Banking – 2012» in the nomination «For social liability in the sphere of youth politics and education».

To receive educational credit you need to choose educational institution and contact us!

Education credit from Rosinterbank — education in any school became affordable!

Pass the Test

The letter of the State Policy Department in the sphere of higher education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to the organizations which perform educational activities.

«Pass the Test» is an educational credit with the state subsidy, which will help you to get the prestige education under the profitable conditions. Within the frames of the program you will be able to pay your first and second higher education, the secondary professional vocational education as well as the doctoral/master degree.

Advantages of ‘Pass the Test’ credit:

  1. Interest rate 7,06% per annum*;
  2. Opportunity to get not only the first and second higher education, but also the secondary professional vocational education1;
  3. Doctoral/master degree;
  4. Getting the education in any mode of study2;
  5. The delay of paying the principal debt and interests;
  6. Credit term = study time + 10 years;
  7. Pledge and suretyship are not required;
  8. Early payment without restrictions of sum, without commissions.

* Interest rate is indicated at the present moment. Defined as ¼ of the discount rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation + 5%

List of organizations which have concluded the Informational Collaboration Agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and JSC Commercial Bank ‘Rosinterbank’